Urban Zebras January 25, 2017

Urban zebras. flickr photo by bennettscience shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license

When you walk in groups, it's difficult for a predator to tell where one person ends and another begins.

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Skylight January 13, 2017

Skylight flickr photo by bennettscience shared under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Habits are a funny thing. Each day, I park in nearly the same parking spot at school - right under the light. In the winter, it's still dark when I get here, but the days are getting brighter. It's amazing that we gain a full minute (sometimes more) per day and that this light will be on fewer and fewer times as I arrive.

We're connected to our world - birds coming and going, plants doing their thing...lights turning off in the morning - and those patterns, as they shift, have an effect.

Winter may only be a few weeks old but as we swing back around the sun, I'm looking forward to the sunlight coming back.

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Hi? January 9, 2017


For three months of the year, my garage is clean enough to park in. My wife is gracious enough to let me use the garage, even though she's home with the kids, during winter so I don't have to spend time scraping or brushing on snowy mornings.

This wiffle ball has been hanging from a rafter since before we moved in and I've never replaced it. It isn't even hanging the correct place since we rearranged the shelves, but there he is every day, saying "hi?" before and leave and right when I get home.

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