Look up January 20, 2017

Look up

I spent two days in Chicago with a team of teachers tasked with selecting a device for our districts students. We'd been to two briefings and spent a day debriefing what we'd learned and how it all fit into our vision.

I remember living in a big city. Seoul has 18 million people and it's easy to overlook the little details. The elevator ride up to the briefing room was quiet most of the time because it was early or we were brain fried. I'm glad I took a minute to look up and get a smile out of everyone after two hard day's of work.

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From above… January 18, 2017

flickr photo shared by bennettscience under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

I spent some time in Chicago today and the view was unbeatable.

Did you know that the flow of the Chicago river was reversed? In 1889, the pollution was so significant that the river, which naturally flows into Lake Michigan, was reversed through dredging and a series of locks, so pollutants flowed inland to be treated rather than into the lake. The project was completed in 1900.

Our impact on our surroundings is not insignificant. As a single human being, I may think my footprint is small, but relative to the other things around me, I leave a big impact. So much so that when a group of us get together and decide to stay...well...things happen.

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