Skylight January 13, 2017

Skylight flickr photo by bennettscience shared under a Creative Commons ( BY ) license

Habits are a funny thing. Each day, I park in nearly the same parking spot at school - right under the light. In the winter, it's still dark when I get here, but the days are getting brighter. It's amazing that we gain a full minute (sometimes more) per day and that this light will be on fewer and fewer times as I arrive.

We're connected to our world - birds coming and going, plants doing their thing...lights turning off in the morning - and those patterns, as they shift, have an effect.

Winter may only be a few weeks old but as we swing back around the sun, I'm looking forward to the sunlight coming back.

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Bottom of the cup January 7, 2017

Bottom of the cup.

I drink maybe two cups of coffee each day. The travel mug I use for work holds just the right amount and I usually don't finish it until 10:30 or 11 just because I'm so distracted with other stuff.

The weekends are another story. With no travel mug or schedule (other than kids) to take my attention, I power through coffee and I find myself at the bottom of the cup very quickly.

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