Look up January 20, 2017

Look up

I spent two days in Chicago with a team of teachers tasked with selecting a device for our districts students. We'd been to two briefings and spent a day debriefing what we'd learned and how it all fit into our vision.

I remember living in a big city. Seoul has 18 million people and it's easy to overlook the little details. The elevator ride up to the briefing room was quiet most of the time because it was early or we were brain fried. I'm glad I took a minute to look up and get a smile out of everyone after two hard day's of work.

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Serious work meeting January 10, 2017

Serious work meeting

As an instructional technology specialist, I spend a lot of time in training meetings. Kat, Wes, and I need to know what student support systems are available to teachers and how to use them. All of this is happening while we're staying on top of incoming support requests.

It's a little crazy, really, because it turns into a mobile command center. We grab a table and open the laptop to the training materials while our iPads and/or phones quietly hum in the background.

The hardest part of all of these meetings is not becoming cynical listening to the low-fruit goals set by the tool. Our role is more to interpret the long-term goals of using our technology intentionally for creative work with these outside systems playing an ancillary role.

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Up in smoke January 8, 2017

Up in smoke

M has been extremely excited to get the Christmas tree burnt this year. To her credit, we left it up in the house far too long. The thing was a tinderbox waiting for a spark. So, I hauled it outside and dumped it on the fire pit.

Typically, we wait until the summer to burn the tree as one of the first fires of the season. But, M had so much energy, L had her go out and pick up any sticks she could find to add to the pile and they burned it together today. I stayed inside with C because it was incredibly cold out, but I managed to get this little shot of them staying warm by the tree. L came in and said the whole thing burned up in less than five minutes from a single match, Christmas Vacation style.

I should've had that thing out of the house a week ago.

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